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Innovation: 100% metal touchpad

The result of more than 4000 hours of research and development, the first ever keypad with a metal front panel represents a major innovation for all sectors where a human-machine interface is used.  
Complementing existing products (keypads or membranes), this new technology overcomes the technical restrictions observed on traditional keypads: those with metal front panels work just as well in extreme humidity (or even underwater) as with gloves, and offer durability that is unmatched by plastic or glass front panels.

“Using a metal panel that will be used in all of the processes that Martin Technologies is able to use (engraving, machining, screen printing, etc.), we activate the keypad surface with buttons that work by changing the shape of the metal in all conditions”, explains Maurent Bizien, CEO of Martin Technologies.

“The command is confirmed by a sound or alert on the metal keypad”.
On a market revolving around touch, the first metal panel keypad is now being developed: it is a keypad that solves the problems of anti-vandal access control.

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