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Shaping metal and plastic parts

For the forming, that is to say the shaping of your part, we can use different processes according to the kind of material : metal or plastique. Moreover, the selected process is not the same according to the finishing you wish.


Laser and water jet cutting are computer controlled processes that enable us to cut materials.


Welding enables the assembling by capacitor discharge of studs, fasteners, etc. onto the back of metal front panels.


Crimping is a process of mechanical or hydraulic insertion of studs, fasteners, etc. through metal front panels.


Bending is an operation which consists in deforming a part according to the angles and forms desired by the use of V-shaped keys and counter-keys.


We do thermoforming to emboss texts, logos or button. The process consists of the hot forming of plastic material by pressing it against a custom made tool.


Embossing enables the embossment of texts, logos or button, by the cold forming of material made by press stamping.

NC Milling

NC milling is a process of milling by removing pieces of the products.

NC Punching

We NC Punch on our computer controlled equipment using standard tools. But we can also use specific punching tools, chosen according to customer requirements.