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Front panels

Front panels are made of polycarbonate, polyester and metal (aluminium, stainless steel or brass). It depends on the requested usage and design. Some front panels are thus made of a plastic panel laminated on a metal medium.

The front panel plays a functional and decorative part. It gives indications to the user and is entirely part of the product design.

The screen-printing and digital printing techniques are used for decorative purposes. Chemical etching and anodising are essentially used on metal.

Are you a designer and/or manufacturer of equipment? Simplify the use your machines and increase the productivity of your customers. Martin Technologies manufactures front panels with customised marking to facilitate the use of any devices.

Specific features of the plastic front panel (overlay)

The plastic front panel, also known as the overlay, covers the user side of your equipment. It is made from polyester or polycarbonate, depending on the technical characteristics required. The buttons and decoration are digitally printed or screen printed. Spacers are provided for the LEDs and transparent areas for the displays. This front panel ensures that your product is perfectly watertight, while allowing the front panel to be marked according to your specifications.

Metal front panels: robustness and aesthetics combined

The metal front panel is available in aluminium, stainless steel or brass. The choice of metal depends on the desired aesthetic appearance and the environmental constraints of your product. Metal can be brushed, satin-finished or polished to enhance its appearance, or anodised for aluminium to make it more resistant. The various metal marking techniques can be adapted to the front panels. They are supplied with all the necessary apertures, as well as studs, pillars and inserts for mounting components (PCB, display, buttons).

Are you an equipment designer and/or manufacturer? Simplify the use of your machines to increase your customers’ productivity. Martin Technologies produces front panels with customised marking to facilitate the use of all types of equipment in the industrial, security, medical, electronic and electrical sectors.