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The marking process that you will select, will depend on the finishing that you wish and on the final use of your product.
Our technicians will guide you to the process that fits the best your needs.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technique that uses the same principles as an ink-jet printer and can thus print in four colours (+ white).


This procedure is especially suitable for medium and long production runs.
Logos and text appear engraved or raised with a matt/shiny effect.


Applying ink, one colour after another, through synthetic screens.
A fast, cheap process.

Laser scribing

The Laser scribing process enables the engraving of many types of materials to get customized products.

Mechanical engraving

Mechanical engraving means etching a groove in the material.
Logos, text, and icons appear etched into the material.


Electrolytic treatment of aluminium. This creates a surface layer of aluminium oxide of controlled thickness.