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Our brands

The company’s historic brand was created in 1929

Originally a manufacturer of plates for the automotive industry, the company diversified in the 1980s by opening up to all sectors of the industry. Today it manufactures metal plates, plastic labels, front panels, membrane switches and touchpads, sensors, as well as decorative sheet metal.

With the increasing production of luxury goods, in 2013 Martin Technologies decided to create a brand dedicated to this market, with a unique approach and a specialised expert team. MILL manufactures premium customisation accessories using metal plates to decorate the finest boxes, flasks and bottles.

The cultural evolution of Martin Technologies and the development of visual management in its workshops led us to create our own tools (boards, totems, magnets, etc.) to support our development.

This approach inspired our employees to want to share it beyond our company, and so, in 2019, our ORGANIZ brand, which designs and manufactures customised visual management tools, was born.