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Fine sheet-metal

We manufacture fine sheet-metal products: boxes, displays, POS advertising … Our expertise is in decorated fine sheet-metal products. We master several surface treatments such as powder and liquid painting. We also offer screen-printing and digital printing marking. The sheet-metal product becomes a communication object for your company.

Les boitiers et coffrets décorés valorisent l’image de votre société

As a vehicle for your image, the electrical and electronic enclosures on your equipment must be of impeccable quality. They must fit in perfectly, both technically and aesthetically. The overall design of the project must be respected. We bring all our expertise to bear on the decoration of your products.
We master powder and liquid painting, anodic oxidation treatment, screen printing, digital printing and engraving. These processes can be used for all your fine sheet metal products.

Metal displays to showcase your brand

The use of metal such as aluminium, stainless steel or brass for the production of decorated fine sheet metal displays allows your brand to stand out from the crowd. Engraved metal can be used to create matt, glossy or both tone-on-tone effects. Colours created using paint, screen or digital printing are enhanced by metal. A metal POS or display attracts the eye because the effects of colour and light are inimitable.
Our design office specialising in fine industrial sheet metal work will support you in all your projects: from the design stage, by offering you a 3D model of your product and advising you on any improvements, to production monitoring, by checking all the technical data and compliance with colours at every stage: painting, screen printing or digital printing, right through to the careful packaging and dispatch of your product.