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Plastic and metal Labels

The plastic label is self-adhesive and is generally between 50 and 200 µm thick. The metal label, which is also adhesive, is 0.3 mm thick.

Metal label

It’s made from 0.3 mm thick aluminium foil and adhesive-backed. This customisable metal label has a silver metal look and can be screen printed, digitally printed or engraved. This metal label will not tear and is resistant to UV exposure, humidity and heat.

Plastic label

A wide choice of materials is available for marking plastic labels: vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, polyethylene, depending on the intended use and the desired aesthetic. All plastic labels are glued to a substrate. Simply tell us the material and we will select the appropriate adhesive and adapt the printing with Braille varnish if necessary. Each material has a surface energy that determines its ability to be impregnated and therefore bonded.

Which industrial label to choose ?

Subject to temperature constraints, chemical aggression, ultraviolet rays and humidity. We will work with you to choose the printing substrate and adhesive best suited to your application. We’ll also work with you on the printing method: digital, screen or laser printing.
Your industrial label will be perfectly adapted to its environment, with an optimised lifespan.

New: the 100% degradable plastic label

We can manufacture industrial plastic labels in Adhesive Lactic Polyacid (PLA). This new material, made from vegetable oil, is 100% biodegradable and gives the appearance of vinyl labels.
We offer you identification labels, instruction labels, etc. All industrial labels can include a barcode, QR code or any incrementation of your choice.