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CSR approach


Our beliefs

Our employees are increasingly aware of our impact as a company and as citizens. Our vision work has highlighted a shared desire to transform our business model into a company with “impact”.

The world is changing, the stakes are high and real commitments are needed.

We believe in a “different” industry, one that serves people and the planet, where its long-term success does not come at the expense of its essential resources. Companies have a major role to play in this transformation.

For all these convictions and aspirations to have a concrete impact, we decided we needed to structure our approach.

Structure and commit

To take action, it is essential to understand and analyse, by studying our impact and then structuring all our actions to create a genuine CSR approach.

Fresco of the sustainable company (visual): study of our upstream, operational and downstream impacts on humans, biodiversity, the climate and natural resources

Carbon footprint 

to identify the sources of our CO2 impact, especially on our supply

Our 5 pillars and 10 commitments


Share and grow together


We believe in the power of the collective, both internally and externally.

Martin Technologies is involved in a number of groups, including Anjou-Maine Responsible Managers, the Lucie community, several schools (secondary schools, vocational schools and engineering schools) as well as a number of organisation networks. Aims: to sow seeds and to inspire.

We also adopt this kind of approach with our customers and suppliers, so that together we can develop a virtuous model throughout the value chain (from the design stage to the product end-of-life), in which all aspects of CSR are addressed and everyone has a role to play.