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Metal marking

Metal marking

Metal marking belongs to Martin Technologies expertise. Metal, which is highly appreciated by the industry, gives an unquestionable robustness and design to your products. We essentially use aluminium, stainless steel and brass for our productions. Aluminium is used for the greater part of our products. It is highly recommended for industrial applications. Stainless steel is used for usage in adverse environments. Brass will be chosen for its industrial design and technical properties.
Metal comes with several finishes (brushed, satin…) and with different surface treatments. Our large and permanent stock in material allows us to offer this large choice.


Aluminium is well known for its lightness. It also shows incredible resistance features. Natural, coloured, polished or brushed, you will choose the finish of your liking.


Brass as a metal is often used for its attractiveness. Brass is a copper and zinc alloy and its colour is a warm yellow. It is shiny, easy to clean and is perfectly adapted for outdoor usage.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel owes its name to its main feature: its resistance to staining (to corrosion). Stainless steel resists all types of external aggression (chemicals, corrosion, etc.) thanks to a protective chromium layer.