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Industrial Labels

Metal Labels

We provide technical, warning and front panel decorative labels. 
We use a wide variety of printing solutions and materials to create customised products. Labels are flexible components and are primarily made from vinyl, polyester or thin aluminium.

The type of label marking produced is determined by the material used. Our options:

  • Coloured, white or transparent
  • Glossy or matt finish
  • With or without slitting
  • Removable
  • Re-positionable

Labels are available in units, sheets or rolls.

Marking available for any purpose and for use in all types of environment.

Are you looking for a resistant and/or image-enhancing label? Metal labels resist the harshest industrial processes and are used for high-end, luxury products.

Description of metal labels

Metal labels do not tear and are resistant to exposure to climate conditions such as heat, salt, humidity and UV rays. Metal labels are also very resistant to handling and other potential hazards, for example in the shipment process of products.


Metal labelling in the industrial sector

Metal labels were first used in the industrial sector. Because of their strong resistance to the stresses of harsh environments, metal labels have proved reliable in identifying and tracing industrial equipment found in steelworks, rolling mills, cement works, and other aggressive manufacturing environments. Metal labels are particularly resistant to mechanical stress such as impact and vibrations, but also to chemical treatment (acid and other fluids), to the cold and to water in external environments; to oil and to high temperatures. All in all, metal labelling offers the greatest longevity in the widest range of environments. Metal bar code labels are extremely long-lasting.


Metal labelling in the luxury market

Outside of the industrial sector, metal labelling has proved its worth in the luxury and high-end sectors. It has been just as successful for cosmetic products, having been used for perfumes, and has made a name for itself in the labelling of alcoholic spirits, and even of high-end, ready-to-wear clothing. Metal labelling conveys quality (for the same reasons as in the industrial sector), and gives high-end products a distinctive polish, reflecting the shine, elegance and appeal of extravagance.


The Solid Foil, the ultra-fine adhesive flexible metal label

The Solid Foil (flexible metal label) is made of a 40 micron sheet of pure aluminium, with a high-performance adhesive acrylic backing. It is a flexible metal label, with a silver metal finish. Solid Foil's vinyl coating allows for screenprinting, offset and UV offset. With excellent dimensional stability, Solid Foil is recommended for any indoor and outdoor use where resistance and durability are necessary.


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