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Treatment and Aspect

We offer different surface treatments (alodine, anodizing, painting, …), so you can select the one that will fit the best your needs. Treatment may have a protection function, as also a decorative function for your product.



Anodising process is an electrolytic treatment of aluminium, creating a thin layer of aluminium oxide.


As a specialist in surface treatments, we are able to give to your products the aesthetics appearance you require.

Doming (Resin)

The doming process consists putting a thick layer of resin on the product, to give a three dimensional appearance to it.


The surface treatment by varnishing consists of applying varnish over the whole surface of the piece.

Varnish gives either a matt or gloss appearance and protects parts from corrosion.


Colouring is a surface treatment that we control perfectly.

During this process, anodised aluminium parts are soaked in a dying colour bath, and then sealed.


Paints and lacquers are applied by a variety of method. Deposition can be made on the whole surface of the part or selectively after etching.