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Digital printing


The principle of ink-jet printing

Digital printing is a technique that uses the same principles as an ink-jet printer and can thus print in four colours (+ white). Martin Technologies has a digital printing table that provides a vast printing surface (2,500 x 1,250mm), with a thickness up to 48mm.


High-quality photographic printing

Digital printing is carried out directly from the computer onto the print, with no disruption of the digital chain. This ensures high reliability between the print version and the initial file, thus enabling delicate, highly refined, photo-quality prints. 

In addition, digital printing can be used to personalise each part within a series.



Metal can be marked in the same way as plastic, either in small or average quantities

Initially designed for the production of labels and front surfaces on plastic supports, digital printing now enables the production of metal plates of high aesthetic quality in small and average quantities. This innovative process was developed internally by Martin Technologies. It ensures excellent ink adherence on aluminium, stainless steel and brass. Digital printing on metal is also protected by a compatible varnish, that is sufficiently supple to withhold possible deep-drawing.

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Metal Plates
Membrane switches and Front Panels
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