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Fine sheet-metal

Your image, replicated down to the very last detail

Users consider casings or boxes to represent the finished product's image. This is why Martin Technologies pays particular attention both to the accuracy of the work carried out and to the finishing touches applied to the box in terms of decoration.

Specialised in the creation and production of steel, aluminium or stainless steel casings and boxes aiming to house electric or electronic sets, Martin Technologies gives your project the ideal final touches, whether it is a unique part or a set of parts.


Casings and boxes made of fine sheet metal are thus carefully studied, developed and manufactured to suit personal tastes, in strict compliance with your specifications. Your 2D and 3D files, imported by our mechanical and graphical software, mostly help establish efficient and quick dialogue with your research department.

A wide range of finishes and aspects are available to satisfy your every need. We have a zero-defect policy, and our painting, silk-screen printing, digital printing, mechanical etching, and coloured adhesive cutting and transferring processes ensure your product and its decoration suit your personal requirements.

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