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POS advertising - communication

Displays, frames, sheaths, labels, packaging items... Martin Technologies' has an infinite array of solutions ideally suited for POS advertising and communication

In the world of POS advertising, only one requirement prevails: quality and refinement.

The use of stainless steel, brass, aluminium or even plastic helps obtain impeccable results. Whether polished, brushed, satin or shiny, all nuances of textures and finishes are allowed. 

The diverse marking techniques (chemical, mechanical or laser etching, silk-screen printing, use of colours, etc.) offer a rich array of expressions.

This know-how perfectly reflects the brands they represent, in the best possible manner. 

To go even further and meet all your requirements regarding POS advertising and communication supports, digital printing is now possible in four colours, both on metal and plastic. For accurate image reproductions with photo-like quality.

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Industrial Labels
Metal Plates
Membrane switches and Front Panels
Front panels
Fine sheet-metal products