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An electrochemical process

Electrolytic treatment of aluminium. This creates a surface layer of aluminium oxide of controlled thickness.
The marking is carried out by the absorption of a colour into the layer of anodic coating, 
by screenprinting or colouring in a chemical bath.


Attractive aesthetic and mechanical resistance

Increases resistance of the aluminium to abrasion, erosion, corrosion and heat.

Once absorbed into the metal, the colour is indelible and visually appealing.

We offer a large range of colours.

The anodising process strengthens the surface hardness of the object and improves its final appearance, whether colourless or dyed. It also provides a certain level of electrical insulation..


Adapted to the use of the final product

Marking of aluminium and its alloys.

The thickness is chosen depending on the intended purpose of the product, from domestic use, outdoor use, or use by the sea, to specific highly aggressive uses.

Anodising improves resistance to corrosion and increases the surface hardness of the aluminium. The anodising surface treatment also provides a certain level of electrical insulation.

We can also introduce text or different background colours using the processes of screenprinting and/or colouring.

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