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Membrane switches and Front Panels

Metal touchpads: the most robust solution for your man-machine interface

This generation of metal capacitive keyboards combines a metallic surface with smart electronic management. It is the most reliable and robust solution for delivering a Man-Machine Interface (MMI).
No moving parts, waterproof, robust, and usable wearing gloves, Martin Technologies metal keyboards guarantee a perfect liaison with electrical equipment using any communications interface.




Fields of application

  • Access control and security
  • Food industry processes
  • Vending machines
  • Tool machines... and more

More generally, suitable for any keyboard used in “extreme” conditions (harsh weather, aggressive environment, burglaries, etc.)


A simple concept


Martin Technologies keyboards work thanks to the electronics that detect tiny changes to the surface metal surface.
This smart electronic component can be used to adjust the system’s sensitivity and to suit a range of different uses, as well as all possible communication interfaces.

Any kind of metal can be used:

  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • metal coated in polyester or polycarbonate, etc.


Undeniable advantages

Metal tactile keyboards provide:

  • perfect waterproofness. The metal tactile keypad is manufactured as a single piece does not need to be opened. There are no parts to wear.
  • undeniable anti-vandalism qualities. No mechanical contact can be accessed or broken.
  • highly resistant to harsh chemical and repeated cleaning
  • can be used with gloves or pressed with object
  • behaves the same irrespective of electrical properties of user (dry skin)
  • can be backlighted with translucent areas
  • all types of marking for front panel (engraving, screen printing, digital printing, etc.).


A connected keyboard

The Martin Technologies tactile metal keyboard can be connected to electronic features for a range of uses:

  • connection to customer electronics by:
    - dry contact output,
    - interface bus (SPI, I2C, CAN, serial port TTL/RS485/RS232, etc.)
  • keys use little power (few μA),
  • self-adjusts to suit surroundings (detects wear on front panel, humidity, can filter mechanical impacts, vibrations, etc.)
  • highly immune to electromagnetic environment
  • adjustable key sensitivity


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