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Metal plates

Manufacturer's plates

Your manufacturer's plate must guarantee the durability of information related to the product: technical characteristics, address of your company and item traceability.

For your manufacturer's plate, you require the top quality that will emphasize your brand fame.

We offer a metal or plastic marking technique tailored to the demands of each environment:


  • Where there is risk of scratching, abrasion or solvent spillage, we use anodised aluminium
  • Where there is risk of scratching or contact with solvents, we use polyester
  • Where there is food contact or an alkaline atmosphere, we use engraved stainless steel
  • Where there is exposure to UV rays, we use aluminium printed with varnish or anti-UV protective film


A manufacturer's plate is an informational plate which indicates that a certain piece of equipment complies with a particular law, standard or labour code. It describes the technical features of a piece of equipment and contains the manufacturer's contact details and sometimes the CE mark. The manufacturer's plate enables equipment to be traced, products to be identified and provides a high resistance to the different environments in which it is used.

Martin Technologies offers metal marking solutions tailored to the demands of each type of environment and to the materials chosen for the manufacturer's plate: engraved stainless steel, coloured anodised aluminium, natural/raw anodised aluminium, varnished aluminium, aluminium printed with varnish.

Martin Technologies offers manufacturer's plates which comply with the French DRIRE (Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment) and technical inspection standards for automobiles, HGVs, commercial vehicles, trailers, vans and other vehicles:

  • aluminium plate 55 x 110mm - 1mm thickness, for example,
  • the letters on the manufacturer's plate are at least 4mm in height,
  • the manufacturer's plate must be affixed to the engine compartment,
  • the manufacturer's plate must be affixed with rivets.

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