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Fine sheet-metal

Sales materials that look the part

The purpose of displays and POS advertising (Point Of Sale) is to promote products on sale. To this end, and even more so for luxury goods, display materials must be absolutely perfect in terms of appearance and visual quality.

From the creation to the production of displays and POS advertising, Martin Technologies draws on its expert know-how in fine sheet metal work and marking to meet customer requirements during every stage of the project: from initial studies to development, and from tailored manufacturing to finishing touches. 


Efficient dialogue with your research department firstly relies on the import of your 2D or 3D files, performed by our mechanical and graphical software. Our technicians specialised in fine sheet metal working then provide extra-precise work required for completing sheet metal elements.

For impeccable finishes in terms of metal appearance, painters, silk-screen printers and other technical marking specialists (digital printing, mechanical etching, cutting and transfer of coloured adhesives, etc.) strive to comply with required shades in order to reach the perfect visual finish.

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